The Netherlands endorses Nutri-Score – TRIS notification

On 4th August 2021, The Netherlands notified to the EU Commission, via TRIS system, the "Regulation of the Minister for Medical Care, designating Nutri-Score as a food choice logo and its conditions of use (Regulation on the designation of food choice logo)". In short The Netherlands is endorsing the Nutri-Score French system for the front … Continue reading The Netherlands endorses Nutri-Score – TRIS notification


Top 10 articles in 2019

Dear readers and friends, another year passed and I have to thank you everyone for the time spent reading this blog, sharing articles and commenting. As usual, I recap the most interesting topics of 2019 in the first article of 2020. Glycaemic index labeling and related claims: EU Commission answer to a MEP query about … Continue reading Top 10 articles in 2019